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The Benefits of 4-Cylinder Engine Vehicles

These days, many drivers are looking for more fuel-efficient cars. While you may think of hybrid or electric vehicles when you think of protecting the environment, you might also want to check out a vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder engine is an affordable gas saving option that we encourage drivers to consider at Tiger Autoplex.

Why the move toward 4-cylinder engines?

Many people are drawn to a V-6 or V-8 engine for the power. Nowadays, many are discovering that a 4-cylinder engine is strong enough to meet and exceed their expectations. Thanks to strides in technology, many vehicles for sale boast a 4-cylinder engine under the hood that is packed with power and efficient at the same time!

Plus, 4-cylinder engines are quieter. For the driver looking for a smooth and peaceful ride, vehicles with 4-cylinder engines don’t disappoint. Packed with technology that silence the noise, including high-tech combustion controls, a 4-cylinder engine vehicle may leave you wondering if the car’s even running!

What are the cost benefits?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying a car with a 4-cylinder engine is the savings! Saving money on fuel and still getting all the power you need is a huge asset. Most lifestyles don’t require a 6-cylinder or larger engine, so why pay extra for the fuel? The improved gas mileage of the 4-cylinder engine will save you both money and time!

While hybrids and electric vehicles still boast higher gas mileage than 4-cylinder engines, the lower cost and easier care of a vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine make them an excellent choice for the economically and environmentally conscious.

If you’d like to find out more about the 4-cylinder engine vehicles for sale at Tiger Autoplex, stop by our lot in Belton or call 254-939-9400. We can’t wait to show you the powerful yet efficient used vehicles we have in stock!